We have researched and sourced a range of quality UVC products which have been tested and quality assured to meet the requirements to Sanitize effectively.
Please be aware; Yes, there are loads of UV products out there.
They ARE available from leading internet purchasing platforms.
Unfortunately, not all UV is created equal a purple light isn't always UV.

Processing time varies depending on the size of the vehicle.
A Waiting area is available.
We would prefer that you leave the vehicle with us for Sanitizing.
Spot and additional cleaning is chargeable.
We will only complete Quoted works.
Sanitizing is based on the vehicle being CLEAN.

Room Sanitizing.

Basic system
Emitter. Stand and a Wireless remote control.
App options available.
Various Systems & Packages available.

Commercial products are available

UVC Fight SARs CoV-2

UVC has been used by many organizations
and in various area's for many years.
there is evidence that UVC can be effective against the spread of
SARs CoV-2 amongst other air-born pathogens.
as used by NHS, Air Conditioning Providers. Water Filtration. Operating Theaters. Dental Practices.
Please google, lets do our bit.

Vehicle Sanitizing.

UVC sterilisation & Sanitizing

Stay Safe
Large Area Sanitizing
using HVLS Fan Distributing Sterile air
over large areas.