Hi there.
As some of you will know we have taken on a little project.
It's called the Porscort project.... the plan is to fit  Boxster: running gear, engine, suspension, steering, peddle box and dash. Into a ford escort van (thanks A'l).
So just a few details.
Paul at PMR is running the show, so lots of debate and discussions as it's his gig so we're working with his concept in mind, it's a great collaboration as he really knows his Porsche's.
I'm covering the fab work and engineering side.
The list so far.
Peddle box support and carrier. Incorporated into the modified bulkhead-fire wall.
Steering column top mount, fabricated off the lower wind screen cross member the lower mount is incorporated into the peddle box.
Heater box incorporated into the modified bulkhead-fire wall.
Heater fan housing incorporated into the modified bulkhead-fire wall. We cut the heater system into its component parts as it's a one-piece unit originally. So, heater, air con and the fan assemblies got separated out. We can plate and pipe them up later.
So that's the bulkhead 90% sorted.
Sub-frame. Bolted to the escort sub frame mounting points.
50x25 3mm box section combined with 50x50 3mm box section. Mainly because It was apparent form the off that a space frame zig zaggy thing wasn't the desired approach.
So, sub frame and strut top hoops, that aren't hoops but are... Bearers bolted in, longitudinal's welded to the bearer's. Mostly Welded in place to the maintain sub frame geo. Just to make life more interesting...
Strut top geometry measured and transferred the jig that had to be fabricated to produce the strut top frame. 15' x 10' was the target with accommodation for the camber angle adjustment system. It seemed prudent to accommodate caster angle adjustment mainly because we could so we did.
Lots of cutting, welding and grinding. Measure 27 times cut 3 times, notch, dress, clean. Finally it all fits. 3 hands and many, many clamps and shims and spacers and packers... ah. No okay. Start again. The base needs a 3' rake. Ow well...
Cut out and replace original ford front legs and replace them with 10x50 3mm box. Weld reinforcing spreader plates to the bulkhead and add braces to clear the brake servo. Four more complimentary braces to go in and she should be on her wheels again.
When working with box section distortion is always a consideration so process welding and some heat from the oxy acetylene allows us to manipulate the frame where needed.
We're also using several different material thicknesses so we can add integrity to the structure were needed. A considerable amount of material has been removed from the escort so we wanted to replace structure where we could. Materials used include 3mm box. 3mm plate. 16 gauge hot rolled. 20 gauge hot rolled. Some 5mm flat. And some 16 gauge box. So, lots of switching and changing welder settings. One or 2 practice pieces, never be afraid to test weld.
So far so good...
The nightmare of this job is the Ford metal... I'm loathed to call it steel as it's only just steel. Not the best material to work with, well a blood nightmare to be honest but we got there. Using a couple of little tricks picked up along the way. There's  always a fix,  you just have to find it.